✧ Intuitive Energy Healing ✧

I work with intention + meeting you where your current energy state is. This is a non-hierarchical healing system // a co-collaboration of healing from spirit. I hold space for what is meant to come forth for the alignment of your higher self + greatest good. All sessions include intuitive guidance + chakra balancing tips. Each is customized to your specific needs at that particular session!


:: Sessions include the use of Crystals + Organic Aromatherapy ::

Usui Reiki :: Traditional Energy Balance

1 hour: $77

This activates the natural healing processes of the client's body and helps to restore physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive and helps with pain, depression, anxiety and stress reduction, as well as re balancing stagnant or excess chakra energy.

This is the original tradition of Reiki healing, descended from Master Usui, brought to this plane over 100 years ago. Usui Reiki is perfect for overall relaxation + deepening one’s connection to self + intuition.

  • Energy Scan + Re balance

  • Chakra Check + Re balance

Kundalini Reiki :: Awakening the Inner Fire

1 Hour: $77 

Kundalini Reiki assists in the awakening process + re balancing of the Kundalini energy system of the body. This allows for the proper flow of Life-Force energy in your daily life! Kundalini Reiki is particularly helpful in emotional balance + healing emotional + ancestral trauma.

Kundalini Reiki also provides unique treatments for:

  • Overall Balance

  • Diamond Reiki

  • Crystalline Reiki

  • DNA Reiki

  • Birth Trauma Reiki

  • Location Reiki

  • Past Life Reiki


Shamanic Reiki :: The Elements

1 Hour: $77

Shamanic Reiki utilizes the Five Elements :: Earth, Water, Fire, Air + Spirit.

These energies are unique and palpable in distinction. Allow yourself to be immersed in Spirit as you are cleansed by Water and grounded by Earth. The element of Fire will burn away stagnation and you will experience freedom and disentanglement with the element of Air. Within Shamanic Reiki, is contained the symbols and energies of the Shamans of our ancestors, and therefore ourselves.

Reconnect with this natural + gentle energy of Gaia.

Intuitive Healing Session

1.5 Hours: $111

While all sessions are intuitive, this NEW offering provides you with personal lifestyle tips+ energy clearing techniques for your current energy / chakra state.

This session is a bit more in depth + provides you with a holistic, multifaceted approach to your energy healing.

  • Mind, Body, Spirit Check-In

  • Card Reading

  • Reiki Energy Healing Session

  • Herbal/Lifestyle recommendations based on your current energy state

Reiki Sessions are held at 4512 Wilde Street Philadelphia, PA 19127. The treatment space is located on the second floor.

PARKING: Street parking is available, as well as easy access to the bus + train.

Parking lot: (3 minute walk)

Parkway Corporation
Lot A (Main & Green Lane)
106 Green Ln
Philadelphia, PA 19127


In-Home Reiki Sessions are also available for your convenience. Sessions require space for my massage table// all else will be provided for your comfort + convenience!

Please note, a fee of $15-20 will be added depending on distance. 

 :: Sliding Scale Available if Needed // EMAIL ME ::