Amethyst Crystal Essence

making magic 𓂅

one of my favorite things to do is create elixirs and herbal concoctions and potions!! (fairy status) It is truly one of the things that began to open my consciousness and awareness to the realm of energy and spirit in a whole new way years ago.
It’s so beautiful how the process continues to expand + grow :: as I add new layers and levels to my own healing practice, I can then share what I have learned + experienced with others. The newest addition to my elixir collection is an amethyst crystal essence! This is particularly special to me, for the amethyst that I used belonged to my grandmother who crossed over this past January. She IS amethyst lol, her serene nature + wisdom permeates my being even still.

This was made + charged under the super full moon in libra / spring equinox energy 𓈗 potent af.

crystal essences carry the vibration of the crystal in the water :: allowing you to take the elixir internally, providing a whole new level of energetic integration!

Organic Living

Unfortunately in our world today, so much of the nutrition information is skewed by personal interests of those involved financially. We get caught up in food and industry myths and lies and forget that we are in much more control than we think.  

The importance of organic food is not one of opinion but rather science, and studies as well as human experience. Humans were designed to be in nature, among the trees and forest and natural things. We ate what we could find naturally in nature, not in the supermarket.

||The less processed food, the better! The less added sugars the better! Treat your body with respect and you will go far. Our bodies do best while running on fuel from organic, nutrient rich food. ||

  • Keep the Dirty Dozen in mind while grocery shopping for the week

  • Try to follow the “5 ingredients or less” rule when purchasing packaged goods.

  • Eliminate toxic cleaners from the house and home environment and replace with natural plant-based cleaners.

  • Only use organic and plant-based products on your skin and face, including perfumes and lotions! Our skin is the largest organ in our body! We must be aware of the chemicals that could seep into our systems this way.

  • Use a water filter to eliminate toxins such as pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and fluoride from your tap water. These all contribute to health issues when consumed long-term.

  • Find time in nature every day, even if it is just a walk around the block! Surrounding yourself with trees is optimal.

Start by incorporating one of these at a time! Each step towards natural living is a step towards health and wellness. For personalized holistic health coaching, email me at!