Let's get to know each other! As your personal health coach, I am your guide and mentor in navigating the health and wellness world. Health is a culmination of the balance of your mind, body + spirit, so we will talk about all of these areas of your life. I truly believe that the body wants to be in a state of balance, when given the correct tools. We will work to discover what your body’s unique needs are!

If you are ready to find out how to better align yourself with healthful living, then do not hesitate to fill out a form and set up a FREE 15 minute Health History consult! We will go over your current health status as well as your goals. I will give you a few suggestions and map out an idea of the plan of action we would take to meet your goals! Making healthy changes will be fun, manageable + TASTE GREAT. I look forward to helping you reach your wellness goals!

xx Alyson

Health History Form

Please complete the intake form + send to om@alysonvictoria.com prior to your Health History session.

Coaching Packages

1 Session

This one health coaching session is packed with plenty of information to get you started on your holistic healing journey! We will focus on the goals discussed during your intake session. I will provide recipes, tools and tips to help navigate the health + wellness realm. My goal is to empower you and support you in making these functional lifestyle changes! Sessions are 45 minutes.

Investment :: $60

3 Sessions

These sessions have the same format as the single session, except they provide added support and accountability check-ins. Often, clients choose one session to be a food marker tour! This is a fun way to familiarize yourself with Whole Foods, Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, ect. As we work through your initial health goals, we will have more time to delve into other areas of health including home environment, relationships, career, exercise and spirituality.

These sessions are set up in either a bi-weekly or monthly format.

Investment :: $160 ($20 savings!)