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“I booked my first ever Reiki healing session with Alyson because her Instagram page well expressed her knowledge and experience. She explained the process to me fully, was considerate of my intentions set for the session, and I left feeling more content and aware of myself than ever! I would recommend Alyson to anyone who has or hasn't experienced Reiki before because her intuition helped me out of the metal fog I was feeling. I now feel more empowered and confident to take on new life endeavors!”

|R. K.|

“I am only seeing healing after my session… thank you so much for your healing services. I have felt lighter and stronger since.”


"I went to Alyson not knowing what to except but wanting my energy to be cleansed. And wow was I surprised! Alyson was so professional and asked me questions to get a better understanding of me and where she would focus on my body. She was extremely respectful and knew what she was doing because I walked out of there feeling reenergized with a positive clear mind. I will definitely be back for more sessions!"



“I LOVED this Reiki class. Very informational, fun, magical, lovely experience. I feel very confident doing reiki on myself now! & friends and family. Everyone else who participated was wonderful- lots of healing took place!”


“I had a great afternoon with Alyson and my fellow Kundalini Reiki 1 students. I appreciated the initial time spent meditating, the thoughtful booklet that we got to keep, and all of the information I learned. Alyson was a great help and was ready to answer any questions I had.”


“Truly the whole day was magical. Just some of my favorites: the opening meditation, meeting all of the lovely people in attendance, the attunement, candle lighting, and getting to practice! The magic energy was so palpable…I cannot say enough good things about the training! Alyson provided the most peaceful environment while fostering a beautiful community for learning. I instantly felt at home in her space and energy.

I had no prior experience with Reiki before this training and Alyson made is so easy to learn every step of the process. Her demonstrations were incredibly informative. At the end of the day, I realized just how much I learned, but my mind didn't feel jammed with info! The balance between learning and practicing was perfect. I also loved the inclusion of meditation and open discussion throughout the day. It really helped break up the lesson plan so it never felt like too much information at once!”