Alyson Victoria Wernly

Reiki Master :: Health Coach :: Herbalist


Meraki :: to do something with soul + passion

Moon :: magical + captivating healing feminine force

Wellness :: integration + balance of the body in its natural environment


Hi, I'm Alyson! Meraki Moon Wellness is a constellation of wellness tips + tools to bring balance to the mind, body + spirit. I am passionate about helping others to heal through natural traditions + techniques. My holistic + intuitive approach for Reiki healing sessions incorporates teachings of both Usui + Kundalini Reiki, as well as the integration of angels + shamanic traditions. Crystals and aromatherapy are utilized during the treatment to enhance the energy flow of Universal Life Force. Each session is unique and specifically attuned to your current physical, mental and emotional state.

I am currently accepting clients in the Philadelphia area! I provide In-Home Reiki Sessions for your convenience + comfort. 

For more information about Reiki healing sessions, check out the About Reiki page or Email me at 

Love + Light

Alyson Victoria 



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