:: Welcome to your Wellness Journey ::

True Healing occurs through treatment of the mind, body and spirit. Alyson Victoria offers different natural healing modalities to approach body re balance through complimentary means. Imbalances that may find benefit include stress, anxiety, depression, pain and more. Alyson believes that each person is unique and their body has specific needs, not one-size-fits-all. She will work with you to find your personal ideal.

:: Philadelphia, PA ::

Meraki Moon Wellness Offers:

  • Reiki Energy Sessions

  • Angel Card Readings/ Spiritual Insight

  • Health Coaching Consultations

  • Herbal Remedies + Consultations

Email om@alysonvictoria.com for scheduling. Both in-person and distant sessions available for all modalities. XO

For more info on Reiki sessions offered, click below!

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